Meeting the Needs of the growing Biomedical Industry.

Based in the Texas Medical Center since October 1978, Niverco has grown to meet the needs of biomedical research and patient care institutions across Texas and around the world. While keeping pace with ever-advancing technologies and the growing Texas Medical Center, Niverco offers the latest expertise on medical equipment ranging from ECGs to Patient Monitors and laboratory equipment ranging from Sterilizers to Ultra-low freezers. Our technicians are factory trained and have a combined experience of over 50 years in this field.

Not only do we service small clinics and labs, but we also provide services for some of the largest and most advanced facilities in Texas. We have long standing agreements with several major medical research and patient care institutions including the City of Houston, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Texas – Health Science Center, Center for Cell And Gene Therapy, UT Physicans and we are now serving customers in Austin, and San Antonio.

Our goal is to offer an exceptional value and the highest quality of services to our clients by maintaining a focus on three specific areas: people, service, and costs. Click the About Us link to learn more. If you are looking for Medical, Research or Laboratory Equipment Repair and Service in Austin, San Antonio or Houston, then Niverco Biomedical Services is the one to call.

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Niverco Biomedical Services for Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Niverco performs repairs and services on almost all equipment that you would typically find in most doctor’s offices. From replacing bulbs in Exam Lights to performing trace testing on ECGs, Niverco has the experience needed to keep your office running.

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Niverco Biomedical Services for Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Our laboratory and research services range from calibrating your cell culture incubators to performing the annual service on your high purity water systems. We offer a broad range of repairs, validations and 3rd party inspection services.

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